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Can not burn large-size ITO targets, China's flat panel display makes people breathe

In the "friend circle" of non-ferrous metals, indium tin oxide is an excellent combination of electrical conduction and optical transparency.
As a non-ferrous metal oxide, indium tin oxide referred to as ITO has good electrical conductivity and transparency on the flat plate. It can also cut off electron radiation, ultraviolet rays and far infrared rays harmful to the human body, and is an important raw material for the manufacture of flat panel displays. In the case of a film, it is a slightly brownish transparent substance; in the form of a block, it is yellowish gray.
But it is not painted like a paint on a flat glass. Instead, it is first made into a solid-size target of standard size. It is continuously "fired" by the "gunner" who manipulates the magnetron sputtering. An ITO film is formed on the glass substrate or the flexible organic film. The thickness of this film varies from functional to functional, typically from 30 nanometers to 200 nanometers.
ITO targets are not only used in the production of liquid crystal displays, flat panel displays, plasma displays, touch screens, electronic paper, organic light-emitting diodes, but also for solar cells and antistatic coatings, EMI shielding transparent conductive coatings, etc., and have a wide market in the world.
The shape of the ITO target is very similar to that of the tile. It is much more complicated than the calcination of the tile. The indium oxide and tin oxide powders are mixed in a strict ratio and processed into a shape of a floor tile through a series of production processes. It is stacked in a special furnace and sintered in a high temperature atmosphere of 1,700 degrees Celsius to form a black-gray ceramic semiconductor. Generally, the larger the target size, the less the seams that are sputtered onto the plate and the higher the value.
However, on the issue of size, domestic ITO target companies have rarely made breakthroughs, and the back-end flat panel display manufacturers have to be angry.