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Graphene floor heating, technology leads the high level, warmth changes the world

In order to promote the healthy, orderly and sustainable development of the graphene industry, the first “International Graphene Day” was held on June 6 this year under the active advocacy of the majority of graphene people.
In other words, every June 6th is a festival common to graphene people. As an active promoter of the graphene industry, Bai Xiong Technology also issued a declaration on “advocating science and disseminating knowledge” on this day. People can't help but ask, can people be alone to set up a holiday, what is graphene? After all, graphene is known as an industrial material, and the time is not very long. Before being discovered, graphene was only found in the chemists' theory.
In 2004, Prof. Geim and Professor Novoselov used the tape adhesion method in the laboratory to successfully separate the free-standing graphene. The two won the 2010 Nobel Prize in Physics. The Nobel Prize press release of the year said: "The carbon elements that make up all the known life bases on the earth have once again alarmed the world!" From the discovery to the alarming world, graphene has only been used for six years, and it is the peak of its debut. What about graphene? Let's just mention the reverse performance of several graphenes: the best known thermal conductive materials, the materials with the highest known mechanical strength, and the materials with the lowest known your eyes! Let's just say that if you compare ordinary industrial materials to students, then graphene is the god of learning, not only the first exam, but also the other students. Graphene is therefore also called the king of materials!