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Boron nitride white graphite with excellent lubrication

The structure of boron nitride is hexagonal crystal, rhombohedral crystal, cubic crystal (hardness is similar to diamond, which can be used as an abrasive material) and disordered structure. Boron nitride used as a solid lubricant is specifically hexagonal crystal. Department. The hexahedral boron nitride crystal is similar to graphite, and the number of electrons in the crystal is the same as that of graphite, and is a hexagonal network-like atomic layer overlapping structure developed on the same plane.
High-purity boron nitride is a white or yellowish white fine powder with good heat resistance, chemical stability and electrical insulation. It is stable at 2800 ° C in an inert gas, and still has high insulation, lubricity and thermal conductivity at high temperatures. Therefore, it is suitable as a high-temperature lubricant, and can be used as a filler for insulating and insulating materials or special resins.

As a lubricant, boron nitride can be dispersed in a heat-resistant lubricating grease, water or solvent, sprayed on a friction surface, and a solvent is volatilized to form a dry film, which is filled on a surface of a resin, a ceramic, a metal, etc. to be heat-resistant and high-temperature. Lubricating material for aerospace engineering, boron nitride powder can also be applied directly to the rail surface.