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Spherical nano ferroferric oxide Fe3O4 Powder

The nano-spherical ferroferric oxide Fe3O4 magnetic powder is a chemical substance with a content of 99 % Fe3O4. The ferroferric oxide Fe3O4 magnetic powder has magnetic properties, can be oriented and moved under an external magnetic field, and can generate heat under the action of an alternating electromagnetic field, and its chemical properties are stable and versatile.
The nanometer ferroferric oxide Fe3O4 magnetic powder independently developed by the unit has a mass percentage content of more than 99%, a spherical shape, and a nanometer ferroferric oxide magnetic powder produced by the unit having a particle diameter of 100 nm to 200 nm. It has good hydrophobic properties, greatly improved compatibility with organic media, and has good dispersibility in polymer and ethanol and toluene solution. It has been tested by National Magnetic Materials Quality Supervision and Inspection Center and its magnetic saturation reaches 115emu/g. The appearance, particle size and ideality of the particles exceed the standards of similar products in Germany and Japan.