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The correct opening posture of the summer mask is the biomass graphene mask

Summer keywords, in addition to small skirts and ice watermelons, as well as internal and external skin problems - the sun's venom, temperature rise and long time in the air-conditioned room, too many unavoidable factors will make the oil skin more oil, Dry skin is more dry! The little fairies who love beauty will never admit defeat, use bio-graphene mask to make a facial treatment. In addition to the ultraviolet rays that make people black and aging in the summer, the evaporation of water caused by high temperature is also the enemy of the skin. The hydrating ingredients in skin care products such as toners and lotions that are used daily are easily taken away by sweat, so it is necessary to apply deep hydration at least twice a week, and use the McGee Bio-Graphite Deep Moisturizing Mask at night. To save your skin, relax your body and let your skin drink well.
In addition to soothing sensitive skin, the Bio-Graphite Soothing Repair Mask also has a good performance in post-drying repair. In addition to moisturizing and acne effects, Aloe Vera is also a good hand to repair damaged skin after sun exposure. Together with the soothing North American Witch Hazel, it can effectively improve the skin's hydration and resistance to external stimuli, and can reduce the activity of sebaceous glands and reduce the pores of Canadian glacial water, so that the skin after sunburn can reproduce healthy water. Run Guangcai is as simple as that!
Put down the tear-off mask that will damage your skin, let the McGee Bio-Graphite Mask tell you what is the "black technology" in the mask - the adsorption of biomass graphene is very strong, can play two The role of secondary cleaning, pore dirt, makeup residue can be purified. Rich in porous structure, it gently covers every inch of skin, 360° fits the face, and is light and breathable in summer. The far-infrared emissivity can increase the surface temperature of the skin, allowing the pores to open naturally and enhancing the absorption rate of the essence. The negative ions generated by biomass graphene can also delay the aging of the skin, resist the oxidation and firm the skin, and change the youthful vitality of the skin with a mask!