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Why is battery technology developing slowly? Why is the graphene battery known as "changing the world" not yet available?

In the past decade, smartphones should be one of the fastest growing industries. Whether it's system or configuration, photo capabilities or unlocking solutions, it's a breakthrough. Among them, the most powerful is the fast charging technology, which changes from 20W fast charging to 50W fast charging. Not long ago, Xiaomi mobile phone developed a 100W ultra-fast charging. I don't know if you find that the battery of the mobile phone itself does not seem to change, and at most it increases the capacity. Why is this happening?

I want to know if you have taken the battery of an electric car? Despite its small size, there are dozens of kilograms that many girls cannot carry. So many manufacturers of high-end flagship machines do not have to be equipped with large-capacity batteries, this is because the first is to increase the thickness of the phone, and second, the user will be too heavy to affect the feel.
According to netizens, the charging life of lithium batteries is generally less than 2,000 times, while large-capacity batteries have a long charging time and are prone to heat. In contrast, the battery has a lower charging time and life than a small capacity battery. I believe people don't want problems with their mobile phones.

Some people say that whoever can break through the current battery problem will be the second richest person in the world. This may be exaggerated, but it must be said that the battery is one of the most needed configurations for smartphones today. If there is a breakthrough in battery technology, smartphones will inevitably change with this breakthrough.
Not long ago, it was reported that Samsung Electronics had applied for a patent for graphene batteries. For a while, opinions differed. Graphene should be the most talked about material in recent years, but graphene batteries have been hot topics but not really commercial. Why is this?

In 2010, the discoverers of graphene materials won the Nobel Prize, so this new material is well known to the public. Ren Zhengfei, the founder of Huawei, said that the biggest disruption in the future of this era is graphene. In the next 10 to 20 years, graphene will undergo a technological revolution.
Current data shows that the capacity and lifetime of graphene batteries are several times that of ordinary lithium batteries, but the cost is only one quarter of that of ordinary lithium batteries. The graphene battery of the same capacity weighs only half of the lithium battery. A 5000 mA graphene battery can be fully charged in half an hour. That is to say, compared with ordinary lithium batteries, graphene batteries have advantages only and have no disadvantages.

Not long ago, Samsung China released Weibo: The phone has no power? Graphene batteries can develop a new type of graphene battery by using lithium ions to shuttle and move rapidly and on a large scale between the graphene surface and the electrodes. Even in a high temperature environment of 60 degrees Celsius, it can increase the capacity of the battery by about 50%. It can be fully charged even in a few minutes.
Graphene materials can also be made into a new type of graphene self-heating floor, which utilizes graphene materials to impact heat during high movement of carbon molecules to achieve heating effect. Maybe in the future when graphene technology is really mature, it will bring convenience to our lives. Let's wait any longer!

What do you think of graphene? When do you think graphene batteries can officially enter our lives?