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Good Quality Nano Aluminum Sol

Good Quality Nano Aluminum Sol

Good Quality Nano Aluminum Sol

Brief Introduction of aluminum sol:
Using high-purity aluminum as raw material, an aluminum sol with a pH of 3-5 and a particle size of 10-15 nm was developed with a positive charge.
aluminum sol Apperance: half-transparent to white liquid
aluminum sol Solid content: 20%
aluminum sol PH value: 3~5
aluminum sol Particle Size: 10-15nm
Nano Aluminum Sol
Features of aluminum sol:
The aluminum sol has the characteristics of adhesiveness, dispersibility, water reversibility, suspension, positive charge, adsorption, stability etc.
Application of aluminum sol:
Aluminum sol can be widely used in petrochemical catalysts, aluminum silicate fibers and ceramics, high temperature resistant, refractory forming binders, ceramic enamel glaze additives, anti-static agents for texturing and electrostatic velvet flocking, textiles and Film-forming agent and antistatic agent for fiber treatment, emulsifier for alumina casting, pigment and coating, photographic paper surface treatment agent, greenhouse antifogging agent, waterproofing agent, etc., can also be used for inorganic fiber, activated alumina, high Pure alumina, enamel, daily necessities, paper and many other industries.