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TiS2 Titanium Sulfide Powder

TiS2 Titanium Sulfide Powder

TiS2 Titanium Sulfide Powder

Product Name: titanium  sulfide
Titanium  sulfide CAS NO.: 12039-13-3
 Titanium  sulfide density: 3.22g/ml
 Titanium  sulfide moceluar weight: 112
 Titanium  sulfide color: yellow
Details of Titanium  sulfide:
Titanium disulfide, TiS2, brass scaly crystal with metallic luster. The density was 3.22 g/mL. Stable at room temperature, stable to water, dilute sulfuric acid and hydrochloric acid, but nitric acid and concentrated sulfuric acid can make it resolve sulfur. Each layer having a layered structure includes a sulfur-titanium-sulfur interlayer, and the interlayers are connected by a weak van der Waals force. The crystal can be grown by heating the titanium wire in sulfur vapor, or by reacting titanium tetrachloride and hydrogen sulfide. Lithium can be intercalated between the layers of titanium disulfide to form an inter-layer compound LiTiS2 which continuously changes between x=0-1 and is an ideal non-metering compound. It can be prepared from titanium disulfide and n-butyllithium in a hexane solution or by an electrochemical reaction. The above reaction is the basis of the Li/TiS2 energy storage device or battery and is therefore of importance.