can 7.3 forged rods replace powdered metal rods

The debate between forged and powdered metal rods has been ongoing for many years, with some enthusiasts advocating for the use of forged rods while others believe that powder coated rods provide better performance.


(can 7.3 forged rods replace powdered metal rods)

Forged rods are produced by heating and shaping the metal billets into specific shapes to create a strong and durable rod. The process involves heating the metal billets until they flow freely, which allows the individual parts to fit together seamlessly without any interference. forging can also improve the strength and stiffness of the rod.
Some people argue that forged rods have a higher strength-to-weight ratio than powder coated rods because the metal billets are heated and shaped at the right temperature. This results in a more uniform distribution of atoms throughout the rod, making it stronger and more durable.


(can 7.3 forged rods replace powdered metal rods)


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