Colorful WO3 powder: A key material driving innovation in energy technology

Yellow Blue Purple WO3 Powder Tungsten Oxide (yellow, blue, purple tungsten trioxide) is actually different colors and properties of tungsten oxide (WO3) powder. Tungsten oxide (WO3) can exhibit a variety of colors, such as yellow, blue, purple, etc., depending on its crystal structure and morphology.Yellow Tungsten Oxide  is one of the most stable tungsten oxides, with powder, tasteless, insoluble in water, alcohol, and most of the acid and other characteristics, can react with alkaline solutions (such as ammonia and sodium hydroxide, etc.), with strong oxidation and electromagnetic wave absorption capacity, as well as good photogenic effect, electrochromism, and gas sensitivity characteristics.Blue Tungsten Oxide (Blue Tungsten Oxide), also known as tungsten blue oxide, referred to as “blue tungsten,” is an inorganic compound composed of 20 tungsten atoms and 58 oxygen atoms, chemical formula WO2.90 or W20O58. The tungsten valence of blue tungsten is +5 and +6, and its lattice accommodates a certain amount of oxygen vacancy, so it is an oxygen defect/oxygen vacancy tungsten oxide. In addition, blue tungsten oxide is not a compound with a single chemical composition but a mixture of ammonium tungsten bronze, tungsten hydrogen bronze, β-tungsten oxide, and γ-tungsten oxide.Purple Tungsten Oxide, also known as tungsten purple oxide, is a kind of oxygen-deficient tungsten oxide or oxygen-vacancy tungsten oxide, consisting of 18 tungsten atoms and 49 oxygen atoms, with the chemical formula W18O49 or WO2.72. The molecular weight of purple tungsten oxide is 227.36, and tungsten flavine also has the basic properties of ordinary tungsten oxide, such as powder, tasteless, insoluble in water, alcohol, and most acids.

Yellow Blue Purple WO3 Powder Tungsten Oxide

Recently, in the field of energy technology, a material called Yellow Blue Purple WO3 Powder (tungsten trioxide powder) has attracted a lot of attention. With its unique yellow, blue, and purple appearance, as well as excellent properties.

WO3 powder is an important inorganic compound with excellent electrical, optical, and catalytic properties. Its unique band structure and surface properties make it widely used in solar cells, photocatalysis, electrochromism, and other fields.

In the field of solar cells, WO3 powder can be used as a photoanode material to achieve efficient use of solar energy by absorbing sunlight and converting it into electricity. Compared with traditional silicon-based solar cells, WO3 powder-based solar cells have higher light absorption and energy conversion efficiency, which is expected to provide a more environmentally friendly and efficient solution for future solar power generation.

In the field of photocatalysis, WO3 powder can be used as a catalyst to catalyze chemical reactions under light conditions. Due to its excellent photocatalytic performance, WO3 powder has a wide range of applications in environmental treatment, air purification, water treatment, and so on. For example, it can be used to degrade organic pollutants, reduce heavy metal ions, etc., contributing to environmental protection and sustainable development.

In addition, WO3 powder also has electrochromic properties, which can change color under the action of an electric field. This feature makes it have potential application value in intelligent Windows, display technology and other fields. For example, in the field of smart Windows, WO3 powder can automatically adjust the light transmittance of the window according to changes in external light, achieving a balance of energy saving and comfort.

WO3 powder is used in the field of smart Windows

Industry experts said that Yellow Blue Purple WO3 Powder, as a new functional material, has great development potential in the field of energy science and technology. With the continuous progress of technology and the continuous expansion of the market, it is believed that this material will play a more important role in the future and contribute to the sustainable development of humanity.


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