high purity TaC tantalum carbide powder

Tantalum products have particularly its corrosion resistance, electrical properties, and biocompatibility. Some common tantalum products include Tantalum Capacitors, Tantalum Sheets and Foils, Ta

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Overview of high purity TaC tantalum carbide powder

Tantalum (Ta) is a chemical element with the atomic number 73 and is symbolized as Ta on the periodic table. It is a dense, blue-gray, hard, and ductile transition metal. Discovered in 1802 by Anders Gustaf Ekeberg, tantalum is renowned for its high resistance to corrosion and its ability to store and release electrical charges efficiently, making it a critical material in various high-tech applications.

Feature of high purity TaC tantalum carbide powder

  1. Exceptional Corrosion Resistance: Tantalum forms a protective oxide layer that shields the metal from most acids, even at high temperatures, and is virtually impervious to chemical attacks.

  2. High Melting Point: With a melting point of approximately 3,017°C (5,462°F), tantalum ranks among the metals with the highest melting points, enabling its use in extreme temperature environments.

  3. Biocompatibility: Tantalum is well-tolerated by living tissue, making it suitable for biomedical implants such as bone replacements and surgical sutures.

  4. Electrical Conductivity: Although not the best conductor, tantalum has a high capacitance per volume, making it ideal for manufacturing compact capacitors used in electronic devices.

  5. Ductility: It can be drawn into fine wires and fabricated into various shapes without fracturing, a feature that enhances its versatility in manufacturing.

high purity TaC tantalum carbide powder

(high purity TaC tantalum carbide powder)

Parameters of high purity TaC tantalum carbide powder

The purity of TaC tantalum carbide powder depends on several factors, including the source of the material, the processing method, and the desired final product quality.
In general, high-purity TaC tantalum carbide powder typically requires at least 99.95% purity for both the material itself and any impurities that may be present during processing or use.
For example, if you want to purchase TaC tantalum carbide powder with a purity of at least 99.95%, you can look for suppliers who provide samples with their products. You can also perform your own analysis using standard methods to determine the purity of the powder.
It’s important to note that achieving high purity can be challenging due to various factors such as impurities in the raw materials, processing steps, and the intended application of the material. Therefore, it’s recommended to work closely with the supplier to ensure that the powder meets your specific requirements.

high purity TaC tantalum carbide powder

(high purity TaC tantalum carbide powder)

Company Profile

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Why is high purity TaC tantalum carbide powder considered a conflict mineral?

high purity TaC tantalum carbide powder, primarily coltan, has been linked to conflicts in regions like the Democratic Republic of Congo, where its mining has funded armed groups, leading to human rights abuses and environmental damage. As a result, there are international efforts to ensure responsible sourcing of tantalum.

What are the main uses of high purity TaC tantalum carbide powder?

high purity TaC tantalum carbide powder is primarily used in the production of electronic components, especially capacitors found in smartphones, laptops, and other electronic devices. It’s also used in chemical processing equipment, surgical implants, and high-temperature applications.

Is high purity TaC tantalum carbide powder magnetic?

No, high purity TaC tantalum carbide powder is not magnetic. It is classified as a paramagnetic material, meaning it shows only a weak attraction to a magnetic field.

How is tantalum extracted and processed?

Tantalum is typically extracted from minerals like coltan and tantalite through a complex process involving crushing the ore, chemical separation using hydrofluoric acid, and finally, the extraction of pure tantalum through electrolysis.

Why is high purity TaC tantalum carbide powder more expensive than other metals?

high purity TaC tantalum carbide powder is rarity, coupled with the complexity of its extraction and refining processes, contributes to its relatively high cost. Additionally, supply chain issues related to ethical sourcing can further escalate prices.

high purity TaC tantalum carbide powder

(high purity TaC tantalum carbide powder)

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